#12 x 12”- Extra Long Structural Lag Heavy Duty Construction Wood Screw – Galvanized Corrosion Resistant Coating Exterior Timber, Landscape - Flange Head – Qty

#12 x 12” Brauny Boy Hardware Flange Head Screws Easy to use Hex Head Drive allows for secure hold when driving in long screws. Our wide Flange Head offers superior hold to regular screws. Great multi-purposes structural wood screw for all types of uses like railroad timber landscaping ties, timber frame, long reach applications and more. GALVANIZED Coated for Corrosion Resistance for exterior uses. 5/8 inch Wide Flange head for superior hold that won’t pull through.

  • 12 in Extra long wood screw – 12”
  • #12 (7/32”) Shaft for Heavy Duty uses
  • Galvanized Coated for superior Exterior Corrosion Resistance
  • 5/8” Wide Flange Head for extra hold and prevents pull thru
  • ¼” Hex Head Drive – For easy drive with power drill hex bit