6" x 3/8" Galvanized steel landscaping staples and nails for securing turf, logs, timber tie spikes - Qty

These heavy-duty galvanized spike nails are essential for securely anchoring landscaping materials. Measuring 6 inches in length, their galvanized coating and stainless steel heads provide superior rust resistance for years of outdoor use. Suitable for spiking logs, railroad ties, artificial turf, and securing paver edging, the 60d nails easily penetrate tough surfaces without splitting wood. At just under 1/8 inch in diameter, they are thick enough for strong holding power yet slim enough for precise placement. Landscapers, contractors and homeowners will appreciate their versatility for a wide range of projects both large and small. The convenient pack of 100 nails offers great value and ensures you have plenty on hand for all your anchoring needs.