Antique Hardware Depot – 1.5 Inch – Pure Copper Nails for Roofing, Flashing, Finish & Boat – 1.5” (38mm) Long – 3/8” nail head – Quality Solid Copper Clavos nail – Package Quantity (lbs)

ANTIQUE HARDWARE DEPOT - 1-1/2" - Pure copper roofing nail, slating nail, multi-purpose 100% pure copper nail. Use for special projects metal fasteners. Copper nails that will patina with age. Use for securing copper metal or for slating panels. Some craftsmen will pre-drill a 3/32" pilot hole to avoid bending nails. Copper roofing & flashing nails for authentic projects and restorations.

  • PURE COPPER NAILS - Pure copper 1.5 inch roofing nails with a 3/8" head
  • ROOFING/FLASHING NAILS - Great for roofing, boat building, or any other decorative projects
  • You can drill a 3/32" pilot hole for best results and to help prevent bending when hammering in
  • 1-lb - Solid Pure Copper Nails (approx 160 nails/lb)