Metal Roofing Screws - #10 x 1.5” – Self Tapping Hex Head - EPDM Rubber Washer-for Metal to Wood, Corrugated, Siding, Sheds, Pancake Screw - ¼” Hex Drive Easy Installation - Dark Grey - Qty

BRAUNY BOY HARDWARE - Self-tapping sheet metal roofing screws with neoprene rubber washers. Self -drilling tip and coarse thread provide excellent grip for metal to wood applications. Neoprene rubber washer provides a seal against water penetration. ¼” Hex Head allows for easy installation. Multi use screws for all metal to wood projects, corrugated metal roofing, siding and polycarbonate panels. Painted head available in a variety of colors.. Hex head self starting metal roofing screws that are engineered for use on any metal to wood installation. Use on shops, garages, barns, houses, sheds you name it. We offer screws in a variety of colors including Grey, Brown, Tan, Red, Green, White, Black and Burgundy.

  • Metal Screws, length 1.5 in, ¼ in Hex Head, Shaft 3/16" – Washer-Flange Width .5 in
  • Metal Roofing Screws painted to closely match many brands of metal roofing though color may vary slightly but unnoticeable when installed
  • Sharp Self tapping tip point easily securely fastens metal roofing to wood structures quickly and easily